For Educational Institutions

Since its establishment in 1957, we have supported the introduction of machine tools and peripheral equipment to many educational institutions such as vocational training schools, universities, technical high schools, and technical colleges nationwide.
In addition to machine tools, we have a large number of delivering records of educational equipment such as industrial equipment, mechatronics products, metal plates and welding machines.
Based on more than 50 years of our experiences and advanced technical information, we will propose and support the best equipment necessary for the educational field.
We will continue to strive for "human development" that supports "manufacturing" in Japan.

Major Clients

  • ・Japan Organization for Employment of the Elderly, Person with Disabilities and Job Seekers
    ・Universities and research institutes
    ・Technical high school
  • ・Prefectural Education Center
    ・Industrial Technology Center
    ・Each prison
  • ・Mint
    ・Printing Bureau