For Customers from Private Companies

As a trading company specializing in machine tools, we have been making efforts to solve the problems of many private companies.
Based on the experience and knowledge cultivated since our founding, we will sincerely face customers and respond to their requests as a "total producing company" which proposes solutions that meet the needs of each company.

  • Introduction of production equipment

    Introduction of production equipment

    We will ask about the problems and issues that customers have and propose equipment that suits each customer.
    We deal with a wide range of domestic and overseas manufacturers, so we can make proposals from a large number of products.
    In addition to selecting and proposing machinery and equipment, we also carry in, start up, maintain after installation, and provide after-sales support.

  • Proposal for automation / labor saving

    Proposal for automation / labor saving

    Due to the labor shortage in the manufacturing industry and the impact of COVID-19, the trend of automation / labor saving is increasing throughout the industry.
    Automation is no longer just for large companies that can make large capital investments. The need for automation is also being recognized by SMEs.
    We will propose to improve your productivity, by considering whether it is possible to smartify your factory and automate your equipment.。

  • Cutting tools / tooling / jigs

    Cutting tools / tooling / jigs

    Not only machine tools but we also sell cutting tools / tooling / jigs that are indispensable for production.
    We also support by special blades and jigs that meet the needs of the manufacturing site.

  • Environmental equipment/Peripheral equipment

    Environmental equipment/Peripheral equipment

    We also handle energy-saving equipment and environmentally friendly products in the factory.
    We also propose peripheral devices that improve the performance of machines based on customer needs.

  • Repair/Maintenance


    Please contact us for repair and maintenance of existing machines in your factory.
    Also, please feel free to contact us for handling machine tool overhaul and retrofit.

  • Buying and selling of used equipment

    Buying and selling of used equipment

    We will assess and purchase used machines for customers who are considering selling them.
    In addition, for customers who are considering purchasing a used machine, we will firmly select and propose a machine that fits your requirements. Also, we will support you from carrying in and up to installation.

  • Information on overseas expansion / relocation

    Information on overseas expansion / relocation

    We support your overseas expansion.
    Please feel free to contact us if you are planning to expand your business in Asia. Our Vietnam office will support your business in Asia.
    We also have well experienced and knowledge in trading operations.
    We accept exports of existing equipment overseas and imports from overseas factories.

Major Clients

  • ・Semiconductor industry
    ・Aerospace industry
    ・Construction machinery industry
  • ・Electronics industry
    ・Automotive industry