Automatic Tool & Workpiece changer for Robodrill

“ Mi18 SERIES” made by Microbo

Main specs

Product name ワーク/ツール自動交換装置
Size W1300mm×D2600mm×H2200mm
AWC 標準70個※カスタマイズ可能
ATC 100本※H120仕様 カスタマイズ可能
Portable 10Kg
Automation equipment EROWA、System3R、スマートグリップ等


Please see the catalog below for the details of the machine.

Don’t you have such problem?

  • ①Would like to work on automation of factory.

    Work piece and tooling are automatically replaced and the time taken for setup changes is greatly reduced.

  • ②Would like to make the most use of existing Robodrill

    Can be retrofitted to existing Robodrill. By doing so, you can operate machines that are out of operation due to lack of personnel.

  • ③Not enough ATC…

    By increasing the number of tools from 21, it manages to provide small lot production of many products and high efficiency of production.

  • ④Would like to make use of time by using unattended operation

    By using unattended operation, you will be able to make profit for the time period which was not effectively used.

  • ⑤Would like to save labor and put manpower into higher value-added work.

    Due to a lack of manpower, we will propose segregation of "work that humans should do" and "work that can be done by robots".

  • ⑥It’s difficult to automate due to small lot production of many products

    By using our original scheduling management system, we propose machines which are specialized in small lot production of many products.


Features of “ Mi18 SERIES” made by Microbo

  • Feature 1. Automation of Robodrill

    Realize automation by utilizing existing Robodrill

  • Feature 2. Automation of tool replacement

    Able to automation for small lot production of many products

  • Feature 3. Automation of work piece replacement

    Improve productivity by reducing setup change time