Corporate Philosophy

"Three pillars" that Kanto Bussan advocates


  • "Expanding market share in the private enterprise market"


    As the advanced information technology and globalization progresses, a wave of innovation is rushing to the mechatronics industry, which is the basis of the country, every day. Since Kanto Bussan founded in 1957, we have been highly evaluated as a specialized trading company that handles core products of machine tools, which are indispensable for manufacturing. And we would like to develop the future business from three pillars.
    As a group company of Makino Co., Ltd., a leading company in the machine tool field, we have focused our efforts on the private enterprise market based on a strong cooperation base with the company.
    From now on, we will do our utmost to provide solutions that meet the needs of each private company.

  • "Promotion of the manufacturing industry through public facilities, etc."

    In the field of support for the introduction of machines, equipment, and equipment to public education and training institutions and organizations that discharge tomorrow’s manufacturing people, we have provided total planning, proposals, and solutions based on the advanced technology and information as specialized trading companies.
    Currently, through transactions with the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, research institutes related to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, educational facilities, and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we are developing human resources who will lead tomorrow’s machinery industry. In addition, we would like to continue to take my role as a specialized trading company in the field of international cooperation as well.

  • "Further leap as a global company"

    We are strengthening our position as a global company by providing support for the introduction of machinery and equipment associated with the plant business, based not only on the domestic public-private market but also on overseas bases. We aim to make a leap forward as a global company in order to provide various services speedily.
    As a total producing company that supports the unwavering "Japanese manufacturing industry" in times of turbulence, Kanto Bussan will exert its full potential and grow together with customers.