Message from Management

Contributing to the "Japanese Manufacturing" industry

Kanto Bussan Co.,Ltd.

President Hiroshi Yamamoto

With the diversification of consumer needs, companies have become more indispensable for more detailed services and speedy response.

Even in the "manufacturing industry" that we have been involved in as a trading company specialized in machinery, there is a need to build a total environment for stable production of a wide variety of items with high performance regardless of the amount of production.

Meanwhile, each Kanto Bussan employee has high technical information unique to a specialized trading company, and has provided solutions in each field for many years. Because we are a group of specialists in various fields, we have the advantage of being a company that can respond to any customer needs through teamwork by consolidating the know-how we have cultivated.

Also, all employees will make an effort to grow as humans and to skill up their human power by meeting many people through their work and being exposed to various environments. We believe that individual growth will improve the quality of service, which will lead to your development and contribution to the Japanese manufacturing industry.

Kanto Bussan will make every effort to be a company that can continue to give joy and excitement, with gratitude to all our customers and business partners, while making the most of the individuality of our employees and valuing them.